Q1. How much do I need to register?

A. $14.75 or N2,950.

Q2. Why should I join My Bliss Online (Bridge to Bliss)

A1. To reach the Unreached of our society (through capacity building and health delivery) through donations and our network marketing platform.

A2. To encourage you have an alternative source of income and never to depend on one source of income.

A3. To help you attain financial freedom; Get a car and a house of yourself in 4 months.

Q3. How does it work?

A. - First register with $14.75 or N2,950.

- then introduce and register at least two other people.

- then as a team you all will introduce and register two members every week and after four months each person would have had cars and cash incentives.

Q4. How can I get more information about My Bliss Online?

A. Go online to www.myblissonline.org

Q5. How many stages shall be completed to get the highest award?

A. After the feeder stage you will complete 7 stages.

Q6. What is the matrix used by myblissonline?

A. It's a 2x2 Matrix from the feeder stage to the last stage.

Q7. What are the steps called?

A. - Feeder Stage (Kick off Bridge)
- Stage 1: Bridge 1
- Stage 2: Bridge 2
- Stage 3: Bridge 3
- Stage 4: Early Bliss
- Stage 5: Bliss
- Stage 6: Mega Bliss
- Stage 7: Super Bliss

Q8. How do I pay/register/Get e-wallet?

A. -Pay and call or sms us on 2348029680912; 2348034432331; 2349061888019.

Q9. Is multiple registrations allowed?