About Us

BLISS OR BRIDGE-TO-BLISS is about building bridges across all divides of race, culture, religion, tribe and nation. It is a Care Giving Initiative of All-Tribe Missions assisted by the Community Service Unit of Amabeth Splendour Resources Limited.

This was set out to promote human welfare development through individual and corporate donations covering capacity building, skill acquisition, health care, education and empowerment, helping us put bridges to reach the unreached with help, bringing them to blissful life.

Also with the donations from myblissonline.org e-commerce product, we have a Community Service to Build Bridges to Reach-The-Unreached (RTU) of the world help through this Special Community Program (SCP) called Bridge-To-Bliss (BTB).

We want to partner with you to Build Bridges to Reach the Unreached when you register with us for only $14.75 (N2950) and referring others to this also. By doing so you are advertising and marketing our website and services online which in turn boosts the donations base and services coverage, making us build more bridges to reach more of the unreached.

Our target is to help the variously challenged persons the world over with access to medical care and the unemployed to have alternative means of livelihood while expecting to be employed or become employers of labour. For helping us archive the objective of the Reach-the-Unreached (building bridges across divides) program, we offer you several incentives and compensations through our network marketing as explained under "OUR SERVICES" section


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